Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weeds: Good and Bad

One favorite gardener's definition of a weed is "anything that grows where you don't want it to." By any definition, we have lots of weeds in our library garden! There's grass, vining weeds, trailing weeds, straight up and down weeds, etc. Every now and then, a plant grows that we didn't plant--but we still want to keep it. Milkweed was one of those (read more here), and dillweed is another one. You can see the dill in the left side of the photo--it's very feathery. Like all herbs, it smells great when you rub it. (Smelling it even made it more fun to pull the weeds!) There's a little yellow stick next to it to remind everyone that we'd like to keep this plant and see how it grows. Peas are what we planted in this section--you can see them in the upper right corner. The little strings are called "tendrils" and they help peas climb. We planted these pea plants from dried whole peas--and used the rest of the bag to make pea soup!

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