Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fighting the Weeds

Weeds have been a big issue in our Library garden, like they are for many people. The crabgrass has been the hardest to get rid of, and there are plenty of other weeds that grow really fast--well, they grow like weeds!

One gardener's remedy against weeds is to first get rid of them in an area and then lay down a layer of mulch. The mulch shades and smothers the little weeds in the ground and keeps them from growing too much. You can use ground cover cloth, wood chips, dried grass clippings, chopped leaves, or many other materials.

We've decided to use dried meadow hay. There is now a thick layer of it around many of our plants. So far it seems to be working! (Now we just have to pull the weeds in all the other spots.) Can you guess which plant this is? Leave your guess in the comments and we'll post the answer on Thursday.

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