Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Monarch has emerged!

Wow! We have a Library butterfly! This picture is from 10:30 this morning. (Sorry that it's sideways. The green lid should be on top.) It emerged from its chrysalis around 9:30, and spent the morning pumping fluid from its body to its wings. (See how fat the abdomen is? And how you can still see the empty chrysalis?) At 1:00, it started flapping its wings, drying them out and strengthening them, which will be its afternoon project. I put a little sugar water in a sponge in the bottom, so it may eat, too.

**Between 5 and 5:30 PM today, if all goes well, I'll be releasing him (or her, we're not sure) into the Library garden. They like hot and sunny weather, so today is perfect. Join us if you'd like to! It's in the community garden plot that's 2 blocks south of S. 4th Street and S. Maple Ave.

Curious to know more about monarchs? Check out these links:

(By the way, sharp-eyed readers may notice I moved the jar lid this morning and placed it over a larger vase to give the butterfly more room to flap its wings.)

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